The Password Entry Window


The Entry Window is the form you fill out in order to add or modify the passwords saved in your Passpack account. It is built mostly for storing passwords, but can also allow you to control a lot of information. 

You can fill out as much, or as little information as you'd like. You are only required to fill out at least the Title and at least one other field. It doesn't matter what that field is, it can be a Password, a Note, or just a Link. The choice is yours.

The Entry Window 

Title (required) - First, give each entry a name, like "Work Gmail Account".  This will be what you see in the Password tab where all your entries are listed.

User ID - Enter your userid, username, screenname or nickname needed to login to the website. Be sure to be case specific. If the website uses your email instead of a username, then enter that in the Email field instead.

For your Passpack It! button to work for a website, you must provide either a User ID or an Email.

Email - Sometimes websites ask you for an email, as well as standard login information. If you'd like to remember which email you've used, you can make note of it in the email field. Other websites use the email in lieu of a user id. In this case you can put the email either in the user id filed, or in the email field. Your Passpack It! button will work either way. It's just your personal choice.

Password - You can enter the password for the website in the password field. If you need to create a password, press the Generate button, and allow the password generator to give you a super strong password. To protect your password from spying eyes, it may be hidden (or scrambled). To view the password, simply press the show button. To hide it again, press hide. You can not change the password while it is hidden.

For your Passpack It! button to work for a website, you must provide a Password.

Link - Use the Link field to paste in the URL (website address) where you log into the website. For example: Once entered, you can just click on Go There and you'll be taken to directly to the website.

For your Passpack It! button to work for a website, you must provide a Link.


Tags - Tags are one way that you can choose to search through and filter your password entries. You can enter as many as you like, and make them whatever you like.  Those tags will appear in the entry, and in the Password pane under the tag list. For instance, you might tag this entry with "work", "gmail", "email", and "google".   

You don't have to use tags if you don't like, they're not required. Learn more about tags here.

Notes - The Notes field gives you a place to store some additional information. For instance, if you've been asked security questions in the account setup, you can store your replies here (which gives you the opportunity to use false answers to your security questions, making the account less likely to be exposed to fraud).

Like the Password field, the Notes field may be hidden (or scrambled) to protect your notes from spying eyes. To view your notes, simply press the show button. To hide it again, press hide. You can not modify your notes while they are hidden.

Apply Changes to Your Entry

When you are done, press the OK button. The entry will be colored red in your password list. New entries will also be marked as NEW.  Press the red Save All button to permanently save all of your changes to the Passpack server. 

If you need to make many changes, you may wait until you have finished before pressing the Save All button. However you MUST press the Save All button before attempting to logout of Passpack, close your browser or shut down your computer.

Cancel Changes to Your Entry

If you have changed your mind and do not want to proceed, press the Cancel button. The Entry Window will close. New entries will not be added, and no changes will be made to existing entries.

If you accidentally pressed OK instead of  Cancel, it's ok, you can still undo the changes by clicking the arrow to the left of the Go button. This will undo all changes made to an existing entry, or will remove a new entry. Once you press the Save All button, you will no longer be able to undo.

"Delete" and "Send to" Options

The Delete link lets you delete the entry. Read more about deleting an entry here.

The Send to link lets you send a copy of the entry to someone you trust. Read how to send a password entry here.

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